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What is the July Forum?

Each July since 2000, MYLF has provided a week-long forum. Most years are at Carroll College.  For 5 days our student delegates and staff members work together to build leadership skills, self advocacy techniques, map out short term and long term goals for their future, and have fun!  Lots of Fun!

In 2020, due to the pandemic, the Forum was hosted virtually. In 2021, we successfully returned to a limited capacity in-person forum. This year, we will again offer a full capacity in-person forum. 

The 2024 MYLiFe forum will be held July 15-19th, 2024

If the in-person forum is cancelled, applications will automatically transfer to a virtual forum.

This is a wonderful experience for families and their students to get to experience a bit of independence and parents get to see their child flourish and mature. Five days allow for  serious introspection, self awareness, and continuing their journey into adulthood! Come join us for another great Forum!

Click Here to apply for the 2024 MY LiFe SUMMER FORUM DELEGATE APPLICATION

We strongly encourage you to use the fillable PDF application before and submit your application electronically to to

Applications are still being accepted on a case-by-case basis until camp is at capacity!

Student applicants must submit their completed application packet to the MYLF office no later than

What is Step 2?

MYLiFe STEP II is the next step in providing leadership training to alumni as you transition from high school into the workforce. This 5-day long program is offered once a year in June, and brings back alumni from the previous year’s MYLiFe Summer Forum and MYLiFe Mini’s.

During the week, students participate in two job shadows/mini internships. These shadows are tailored to your individual interests and future career goals. You have the opportunity to attend several workshops including job exploration, workplace skill building, financial integrity, self advocacy and more. You will also participate in a community service project. Finally (and the most fun), you get to see all your MYLF friends again!

MYLF Step 2 will happen at the Comfort Inn & Suites in Helena on June 24-28th, 2024 .  

Click here to apply for 2024 MYLF Step 2!

Applications for Step 2 are due April 5th, 2024

MYLF is going Virtual with the DIGITAL MINI!

This is an alternative to the in-person forums. The Digital minis are offered in five sessions over three days. In the morning sessions, students will build their leadership skills, create a map of their goals for high school and afterwards, develop their self advocacy skills, have fun participating in group team building activities and learn more about tools and programs that will help them reach their dreams . Then in the evening, we have celebrity keynote speakers, singers, and comedians. The evening also provides time and place to connect with other youth across the state. The program is free and we provide all training materials and needed accommodations. We strongly encourage you to use the fillable PDF application before and submit your application electronically to to

Call to arrange your digital mini today!

MYLiFe Digital Mini Application

Sample Digital Mini Schedule


Application Form Details

The delegates are chosen through a statewide competition that seeks students with disabilities who have leadership potential. Each applicant submits a standard form, an essay, and letter of recommendation. The group that is selected is representative of the state in terms of geographic, gender, economic status, ethnicity, and types of disabilities.

Above are links to for different application forms: one for students who wish to attend the Annual MYLiFe Summer Forum, one for students who wish to attend a Mini Forum and one for students that have completed either the summer forum OR a mini forum and wish to participate in MYLiFe Step II. The forms are in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format so they can be printed. After you click on a link, press CTRL-P to print the form. If you do not have the freely-available Adobe Acrobat Reader, please visit Adobe’s web site. Adobe also has information about PDF accessibility for people with visual disabilities.

If you have any questions about the forms, please call us any time at (406) 442-2576.