A.P.R.I.L. Conference

A.P.R.I.L. Conference

“Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living”

 “Teamwork Makes Dream Work”

Overall experience that youth gain by attending the APRIL conference includes all of the follow skills, traveling independently, connecting with other delegates from across the country, peer mentoring opportunities and more.

    • Goal
      • To understand the different marginalized groups that make up our community.  To learn how a young person can use advocacy skills to be voice in their local community and in their own lives.
    • Objectives Learned from Youth Conference Attendance:
      • Advocacy Skills in the following areas:
        • Housing
        • Transportation
        • Education
          •  Include topic of post-secondary education options as well
        • Healthcare
        • Employment
        • How to find your voice
      • History of IL and Disability Rights Movement
      • Diversity: definition and importance
      • Expand and develop social skills and network
      • Disability Disclosure
      • How to be contributing and successful members of their community
      • Peer mentoring opportunities that include learning from other individuals with and without disabilities of all ages.
    • Objectives Learned from the Full Conference Attendance
      • Time Management to attend conferences on time.
      • Soft Skills
      • Communication in professional setting
      • Travel independently
      • Budgeting personal resources
      • Networking with other professionals with disabilities

If you are interested in attending please email Mylfchloe@outlook.com for the application and more information.

Thank you